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Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

We bring you some of the key tips on how to handle this update and get the best out of your online marketing budgets.

Facebook will began rolling out a new campaign structure update to all accounts from September 15th 2014. Facebook introduced the Ad set level in campaign organisation earlier this year and is now looking to improve the tool even more with this new update.

Simply put, because of the structure of campaigns, groups and ads, Facebook Ads Manager is starting to look a lot like Google AdWords, and with this new changes they might resemble each other even more. New changes that are currently being implemented might make it even more similar. Read on to find out what changes will happen to your accounts and campaigns.

Overview of the new campaign structure

Previously, you could choose a campaign objective at the top, campaign level. At the middle, Ad set level, you could define the budget and schedule. All other settings including creative, targeting, bidding and placement were defined at the lowest, Ad level.

From September 15th, you’ll find the changes at the Ad Set level which will take over most of the functions from the Ad level. Targeting, bidding and placement will be defined at the Ad Set level, leaving the Ad level only for the creative (copy and image). You can find the visualized comparison of the old and the new structure in the scheme below.

utm tracking

How to best organize your campaigns?

As you can see, the changes are small, but they will change the way you think about organizing your campaigns. We gave a lot of thought into optimization and adapting to these changes so we bring you some of the key tips on how to handle this update and get the best out of your online marketing budgets.

Campaign level – choose the objective of the campaign, such as:

Clicks to website – Drive traffic to your website

Website conversions – Choose conversions on your website as a goal (using the Facebook conversion pixel)

Page post engagement – Increase engagement on your page posts (read about Dark posts)

Page likes – Increase number of people who like your page

App installs – Increase number of app installations

App engagement – Increase the engagement within your application

Offer claims –  Create various offers that people can claim in your store

Event responses – Increase attendance at your event

Video views – Increase number of video views (awareness campaigns)

Ad set level – choose budget, schedule, audience, placement and bidding

Organise your Ad sets to test how different audiences, different placements (Right side or Newsfeed) or different bidding criteria (CPC, CPM or oCPM) impact your campaigns. The most important thing is to always test only one isolated  parameter per Ad set.

For example, if you are testing your ads on two different audiences, make sure that placement, bidding and creative are the same in both Ad sets. Or, if you are testing Newsfeed or Right-hand column ads, make sure that target audience, bidding and creatives are the same in both Ad sets. That way, you will know for sure what caused better (or worse) performance and can further optimise other parameters.

Ad level – test different creatives

This update radically changes the Ad level. From September, you’ll only be able to change the creative part at this level. The best way to do it is to test two or three creatives at most per ad set so you could see which one performs better. Only then you can try to improve it.There is no point in adding 10-15 different creatives, especially if you have a small budget. You will not be able to test each one on the relevant sample.

Let’s show this on an example. If you are testing different target audiences, your campaign structure should look like this (remember that bidding and placement have to stay the same):

utm tracking

In case you’re testing different target placements, this is how your campaign structure should look like (now, bidding and target audiences have to stay the same):

utm tracking

Future changes in Facebook advertising

The new update brings only minor changes to the previously improved campaign structure. However, Facebook has already announced a few more changes to expect in the near future.

Advanced delivery controls, audience management and a campaign spending cap will be available very soon. Our eye is set on the campaign spending cap as we feel it will be very helpful for beginners in Facebook advertising, reducing the potential damage caused by human mistakes (e.g. in budget settings).

Every change creates new opportunities and we have yet to see how this new campaign structure update will affect companies. How do you see this update affecting your existing and future campaigns?


Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

Turns numbers into facts by optimising everything there is to be optimised. Comes from one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and is passionate about good food and nature. Enjoys sports, breakdance and summer festivals.

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