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Ivan Brozović

Strategic Partnerships Director

We are an independent digital production agency focused on technology and design.

We design and develop websites, mobile applications and web solutions that achieve our clients’ business goals and also win awards. Thanks to many great clients we worked with throughout the years, we have gained a vast amount of experience across a number of different industries.

Our workflow is created to adapt to you and to support your endeavor in creating next-level experiences!

We are currently available for website projects. Let us give you a call to explain our process in more detail and see if we’re a match.

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Website Design and Development

We believe every project revolves around curiosity and resourcefulness.

Our in-house team of more than 30 specialists (UX designers, UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, etc.) gives you an opportunity to work on projects in an agile way and follow a process that places the utmost importance on quality.

In accordance to your needs, we design and develop:

  • Presentational websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Campaign websites
  • Thought-leadership websites
  • Web portals
  • Conversion websites
  • Transactional websites

Our goal is to design and develop technologically advanced solutions with easy-to-use interfaces that provide excellent user experiences to your customers.

How we work

We want to support the vision of the projects we work on.

That’s why we like to establish an open and collaborative process that optimizes work to ensure the highest possible quality. We strive to understand our clients’ businesses as thoroughly as possible, and get to know every detail that will help us design and develop the best solution for your problem.

Phases of the process

Definition and Strategy

Before jumping into production, we need to understand every aspect of the project, and to be able to deliver a solution, we need to share the right perspective with the client. That means we need to thoroughly define business goals, the purpose of the project, target audiences and their journeys, as well as goals, indicators of success and how they will be measured.

This is also the phase during which the client gets involved and introduced with our team, our working process and all the services we offer. The client is given the chance to understand and actively participate in every step of building his project by defining goals, target groups, expected user behaviour, challenges and problems that may occur. As a result, we can set up the majority of the structure and scope of the project.

After the initial research and a successful Discovery workshop, we have answers to key questions and we can begin to execute the plan. This workshop is a way to save time and money, as well as ensure maximum efficiency throughout production.

As a “physical” confirmation of a successful Discovery workshop, the client is provided with a document containing key outputs:

  • Personality Map (Communication tone, brand personalisation)
  • Project Insights (vision, purpose, goals)
  • Buyer Persona definition
  • User Scenarios
  • User Flow Diagrams
  • Sitemap
  • Functional Requirements
  • SMART goals
  • Design direction


When we have all the necessary details to understand client’s goals and target audiences, as well as strategic definition of the project, we can start with the implementation.

Implementation consists of visual design, front-end development, back-end development, initial SEO and Analytics setup. Of course, responsive design is a default as well as CMS, so our clients can easily edit all the content themselves as well.

Throughout this phase we like to have regular communication with our client and have all channels open. Our clients have the opportunity to be a part of the process and verify each single stage – from the draft of the website design to the final website design, as well as all the website animations, transitions and functionalities of the backend.

Quality Assurance

Before the launch, all websites go through extensive testing to ensure they perform as intended in all possible environments and situations.

We do Unit and Acceptance tests to check how the website behaves in all relevant browsers and devices.Performance is also a very important factor for us and we won’t stop optimizing until the speed of the website is acceptable even for the most demanding users. Finally, we check the usability of the website and make final tweaks to cover as many different user scenarios and user journeys as possible.


When our clients and us are happy with the designed and developed website, we are ready for launch and celebration.

However, celebrations are short because that’s when the real work starts. Constant user tracking and website behavior tracking are a must for long-term website optimization, as well as A/B/n testing to ensure the best fulfillment of clients’ goals.

We are currently available for website projects. Let us give you a call to explain our process in more detail and see if we’re a match.

Ready to discuss your project?

Website design and development case studies

Take a look at some of our award-winning projects we’re very proud of:

Lufthansa Dreamscapes

Lufthansa was expanding its network to new long-haul destinations and the main goal was to attract as many relevant users from Europe to book their overseas flight. For this purpose, we created and developed a Dreamscapes website that presented Lufthansa’s 6 new and attractive destinations: Maldives, Mauritius, Cancún, Tampa, Panama and Nairobi.


  • promote and present Lufthansa’s new long-haul sun destinations
  • increase traffic to Dreamscapes website
  • promote the Premium Economy Class and the new Lufthansa service

Check out the entire Lufthansa Dreamscapes case.

PVTistes is a Canadian-based website that gives tens of thousands of young people the opportunity to discover a foreign country and its culture while being allowed to work through a work permit or a visa. Depending on the nationality, users have access to different destinations. The website guides users in their steps and offers free articles, guides and thematic files to prepare and succeed. It also has a special feature where users have the option to get an insurance policy while abroad. By opening a communication channel as a part of the website, the PVTistes platform enabled the creation of an online community where users can share their experiences and references.

Check out the entire PVTistes case.

We are currently available for website projects. Let us give you a call to explain our process in more detail and see if we’re a match.

Ready to discuss your project?


Ivan Brozović

Strategic Partnerships Director

An expert in pranks, jokes and going over the top. Also, passionately in love with creative concepts and every one of his clients.

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