Degordian goes west

Daniel Ackermann


After a couple of months of meticulous planning and preparation, Degordian Austria is finally live.

Last year, we focused on building our internal team to increase our work capacity and further develop our abilities and competences. This year was all about internationalisation as we put an emphasis on international acquisitions. We are super excited that we finally, after months and months of preparation, opened a Degordian office in Vienna. This is our first office in Western Europe and we are absolutely thrilled about all of the possibilities it will bring. :)


The process

Investment from RSG Capital fund enabled the possibility of expansion, so we started discussing about new European offices we could open. We had a couple of destinations in mind, but Austria was somehow always on the top of the list. The reasons behind the decision were different, but it mostly comes down to our vision of Degordian’s development strategy. Aside from some legislative issues that we had to address during the opening process, everything took a little bit longer than expected because we wanted to create a stable base of clients before we penetrated the Austrian market.


The team

Our new Country Manager, leading the entire Degordian office in Austria, will be Karl Macku. Karl is a digital marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field. He worked for a number of successful digital agencies and large companies, such as Siemens Austria, where he was the Head of their digital department.

Karl has a vast amount of knowledge, experience and market insights, and that will surely help in our rapid expansion not only in Austria, but also in Germany and Switzerland. He is the first member of our Austrian team, but most certainly won’t be the last, as we are already planning on hiring additional members.

This Austrian adventure just started, but we are already working on several awesome projects with a couple of our new partners, and we’re looking forward to all of our new projects that await in the future!


Daniel Ackermann


Performance oriented CEO with a strong sense for numbers and statistics, especially when it comes to measuring his employees' level of satisfaction. Loves spicy food and believes in lifelong learning.

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