Dark posts are not so dark

Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

Facebook Dark post, aka unpublished Page post is the one that is not shown on the Page timeline unless it’s sponsored.

Facebook introduced this option for the sake of A/B testing. Before this feature, admin had to post few posts and track which did the best. However, this method drastically infringes the look of the Page itself. Dark posts are the solution for that. One of the key advantages is you can target Dark posts the same way you can target “regular” Facebook ads.


As we know, ads in newsfeed show better results than the ones on the right hand side. Apart from the content testing, Dark posts are very efficient if your goal is direct user response. Dark post campaigns are set up with Power editor and can be in form of photos, link shares, videos or plain text. Photos and link shares, however, lead in offsite conversions.

Photo Page posts are photos with captions that can contain link to a landing site you wish your customer to make some type of action on. If you want better insights about the success of your post in Google Analytics, be sure to use the URL builder so you could track the link in the post. If you use a CPC model, you have to measure number of clicks on the links inside the ad, because only a click on the ad itself doesn’t mean that visitor landed on the Page you wanted him to land on.

Photo post set up

Link Page post has a bit lower CTR due to it’s smaller image in the newsfeed. However, the big advantage is that every click leads the visitor to the page you defined as a landing one without wasting budget on “unnecessary” clicks. Facebook has recently made this previews larger in the newsfeed so they are more visible now.

Link post set up

Based on our experience, link posts are optimal for Facebook advertising when trying to complete offsite conversions such as web shopping, bookings, app installations and likewise. The picture below shows Google Analytics preview where the installation of an application is set up as a goal. We put “regular” right side marketplace ads in the campaign as well as a link dark post on the right side. Both link posts had better conversion than “regular” right side ads. During the following period of the campaign, we used only link Dark posts and achieved very good results.

To conclude, here is a quick wrap up with the benefits of the Dark posts

  • can be placed in the newsfeed
  • can define target as well as with “regular” ads
  • are not present on the Page itself, and basically you don’t spam your Page

Keep on mind that people can comment on Dark posts, just like on the “regular” posts and you need to pay attention on them more because they don’t appear on the timeline and you can easily “forget” on them. So, put your CM skills on, focus, and get the best out of this kind of promotion.


Ivo Novak

Head of Digital Advertising

Turns numbers into facts by optimising everything there is to be optimised. Comes from one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and is passionate about good food and nature. Enjoys sports, breakdance and summer festivals.

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