Create city tours with a couple of lures

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If you take a look at Gyms and PokeStops, you’ll see that a vast majority of them are placed on popular landmarks. Get some lures and take tourists on a tour!

Promoting peculiarities of your city usually required a series of marketing campaigns with various online and offline activations. For people working on tourism boards, creating activations that are innovative and creative, and at the same time capable of achieving results that were better than last year, turned into an extremely difficult job. With Pokemon GO, that job just got easier!


Its location-based system that places Gyms and PokeStops on popular landmarks and points of interests is an ideal way to boost tourism results for your city. And it’s summer, so you know there’ll be tons of tourists zig-zagging around looking for interesting sports while they’re catching Pokemon!




OK, now you know the goal, but how can you do it? Well, it’s actually pretty simple, it just requires some preplanning and a couple of well placed lures.


Let’s go through the basic steps:

  1. Check out your city on the Pokemon GO map

Look for locations that are connected to Gyms and PokeStops, as that are the places players usually gather around. Those place are also the ones you can put your lure on and create a glowing beacon that will attract all players who’re looking for new and rare pokemon.


  1. Define a couple of points of interests for your tour

Now that you know which real-world locations are inserted into the game, pick a couple of them and create a tour plan. As lures work for only 30 minutes, make sure that locations you choose are close enough to each other, so the player have enough time to catch a couple of Pokemon, see what you prepared for them on the location and casually walk to the other point of interest after you activate a second lure.


  1. Prepare offline activations on chosen spots

This is the most important part of the process. Think about different activations and interesting things you want to show your guests and tourists on individual spots. Remember, your main goal is to promote your city, catching Pokemon is just means of bringing lots of players to one spot.


  1. Promote the tour on social media

Lures will attract players on its own, but if you really want to make an impact, promote your activities on your social media pages. Write a post or create an event saying that you’ll be placing lures on certain points of interest in the city and see as the number of people you attract multiplies exponentially.


  1. Get some lures and place them on the chosen spots

The final part is the execution. Place a lure on the first spot of your tour and, as the players start arriving, show them the things you prepared for them. Lure will keep them at the spot for 30 minutes, so make sure to place another lure on the second spot right when the initial lure stops working. Do this to guide the players from one place to the other until they reach the end of your prepared tour.
And that’s all there is to it. Try it out and tell us how it worked!

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