A year ago we recognized a new area that hasn’t been truly developed in our market – performance marketing.


We realized that we have been working in similar areas, but focused on Facebook, so we started to expand our services on other platforms – Google (Search and Display), Newsletter etc. Essentially, we choose platforms that are optimized for our clients. And by our experience so far, it’s a truly effective field of advertising.

At one moment we decided that we should provide our crew with the best knowledge they can get, and we did. The result is pretty cool – 20 Google certificates. Currently, we are agency with the most Google certificates in the region.

Number of Google Certificates in iSTUDIO compared to the other top agencies in the region

We do that because we care about our education in general. When a person gets a certificate we can say: ok this person knows how to work with AdWords. Google Certificates are great because they provide a wider picture about online advertising, not just AdWords.
On the other hand the certificates can make our position on the international market even stronger. It’s a kind of “insurance” for our clients that we know what we do.


There are several steps you have to take to have a successful ads campaign. It sounds simple, but actually, the more simple it is, the more work has to be done.

1) Define the goal – in this phase, it is important to define real goal/KPI and the value of the goal. This is not a click or time spent on the site, this is a real business goal. Eg. if you are service company, goal can be contact form submission. If you are car a seller, this can be an inquiry for test drive. If you are a hotel chain, it is a room reservation. Secondly, it is very important to calculate the value for every goal. Eg. if you are a car seller, you know that on 10 test drives, you will sell 1 car with average value of 20.000 € and profit of 4.000 €. This means that one test drive inquiry would be worth 400 €.

2) Choose a proper advertising channel – in this phase, it is very important to choose channels with the biggest potential for huge ROI: Facebook Ads, Google AdWords (Search, Display) or Newsletter

3) Measurement system – Before the start of the campaign, it is important to make real time analytics (suggestion: Google Analytics & custom reports) to be able to measure revenue (goal completion * number of completions), costs and ROI.

4) Measure and optimize the campaign – For every chosen channel, it is important to measure revenue, cost and ROI. After you have that information, you can optimize your campaign. If the ROI is negative, stop the campaign, if it is around 0, try to optimize the campaign, and if the ROI is positive, invest as much as you can in the campaign because every euro invested will bring you more euros back.


It is a pretty straightforward process, but it takes time and knowledge to perfect it. So, if you are an employee reading this, the only thing we want let you know is – learn as much as you can. Jump into new fields, find out more about them, and use the new knowledge to your advantage. If you’re an employer, then it’s all clear, invest in education, move forward, feed your team with knowledge. After all, the success is all about implementing the knowledge. :)




This practical joker and a performance oriented professional is named after an ancient legend. Loves trying out new things and works hard to make you curious.

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