6 Key Traits Of A Successful Community Manager

Dorian Derežić


Anyone can post a message on social media, but just like you had carefully chosen a person to spearhead your offline marketing operations, you should be just as careful when choosing a Community Manager to take control of your brand’s online presence.

When you hear that someone is a Digital Designer or a Software Developer, you immediately know that their job is to make amazing websites or cool applications.
With Community Management, things are a little bit different. Community Managers can usually be seen on social media platforms, and that leads people to think that their main job is to ‘Post statuses on Facebook’. While that is a part of their work, Community Managers do so much more!

So, what are the key elements of a Community Manager’s job in Degordian?

A Community Manager is the voice of your brand

The primary job of a Community Manager is to communicate with your target audience and build your online presence. Simple, right? It certainly sounds like that, but lots of people fail on this first obstacle because they use ‘template communication’ – communication that is identical whatever brand it’s used on.

In Degordian, our primary goal is to implement a distinctive voice, one that communicates the brand’s mission, vision and values, into the overall communication. By having a unique voice and overall distinguishable communication across all social media platforms, your brand immediately stands out from the crowd and your audience can feel it. That gives you the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper, more personal level, and ultimately work toward achieving your business goals.

A Community Manager is also a crisis manager

When everything is fine, Community Management feels like a stroll through the park, but you have to be aware that no matter how good your product and your connection with the community is, a crisis may still occur. When it happens, your Community Manager becomes the lead negotiator whose mission is to prevent the crisis from spreading.

Create a detailed plan of action with goals of minimizing collateral damage and diffusing the situation. Our Community Managers start by instigating a one-on-one communication with dissatisfied users and follow up with a process that depends on the type of crisis and the brand page on which it happened. Having a predetermined crisis-control plan and a defined content strategy gives you and your Community Manager the ability to effectively solve your users’ issues. You’re also showing them that you are user-oriented and that you care about their needs even when something unplanned happens.

A Community Manager works beyond social media

Although Community Managers primarily work on social media platforms, the scope of their work can extend to other elements of digital marketing. Therefore, it is very important for them to learn basic aspects that digital consists of, so that they could implement it into their Community Management activities.

Community Managers in Degordian are a part of the Content & Copywriting department and they quickly start working on content related tasks. In addition to working alongside the Content team, they are encouraged to explore the rest of the digital landscape like newsletter marketing, digital design, traffic management and our products (Socialpuzzle and Mediatoolkit). Stimulating your Community Manager to learn more about other aspects of digital gives you the opportunity to create an invaluable all-round employee that can, if need be, lead your entire digital marketing campaigns.

A Community Manager is always in the loop

Knowing as much as possible about the brand is one of the most important aspects of being a Community Manager. At Degordian, we initiated a practice of having clients hold initial educations about the brand they represent. This proved to be really helpful as it allowed the Community Management team to quickly grasp the core of the brand. In addition to attending brand educations, our Community Managers use Mediatoolkit which sends them an immediate notification every time a brand is mentioned on the internet.

By working closely with your Community Managers and sharing new information with them on a regular basis, you give them the opportunity to create more structured plans of future online activities. In addition to that, they will be independent and won’t need as much of your assistance while working on their daily tasks. You will invest more time in the beginning, but you will save much more in the long run.

A Community Manager is not a lone wolf

Continuing on the topic of education, it’s important to know that a Community Manager in a digital agency usually doesn’t work alone, he works in a Community Management team. Your goal should be to create a team in which every member is on par with the others because new information about brands can arrive any moment and it can be difficult to keep all members of the team constantly in the loop. Given that Community Managers are the backbone of your online promotion and a direct link to your target audience, you need them to be unified in their activities.

We created a system that consists of documents that Community Managers update with important information as soon as they arrive. These documents are backed by our internal groups and weekly recaps of the most important novelties. This has proven to be quite an effective way of keeping the entire team informed and teaching them to watch each other’s backs at the same time.

A Community Manager turns fans into customers

In addition to using social media platforms as means of communication with your audience, you can also use them to promote and sell your products and services. Before your Community Manager starts promoting products and services directly to users on social media platforms, it’s advisable to establish a friendly connection and learn more about them. Fans you connect with on a more personal level tend to share more information about their wants and needs.

Forcing your products or services to users that haven’t yet expressed interest in them is like cold calling – it could work, but usually doesn’t. By turning from a disinterested brand into your users’ friend, the process becomes exponentially easier and it’s no longer cold calling when your fans tell you their wants and needs. This gives you the ability to tailor your offers to each specific customer and in the process achieve a higher rate of conversion.

A Community Manager will now end this article

This was a quick look into some of the most important aspects of being a Community Manager and now you know what to look for in your brand’s new voice on social media platforms. Even though talent selection is a more complicated process than making a list like this and adding checkmarks, you can use this article as a guide in your search for that Community Management Superstar that will help you grow your online community and achieve your goals.

It’s time to bring this to a close, but feel free to hit us up with your questions or comments on our official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Our Community Managers are already waiting for your messages. If you’d like to see them turn your brand into your customer’s best friend, contact us directly and we’ll show you what they can do.


Dorian Derežić


Named after the greatest anti-hero in literature, Dorian enjoys playing the office villain and takes pride in being the only person in Degordian with a douchebag jar. He has a deep love for fine tailored shirts and custom suits.

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