4 Ways to promote your brand with Hyperlapse

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then Hyperlapse is worth 12 times more (or 300 if we want to be mathematically correct).

As from this week, Hyperlapse became a relevant new tool for bringing brand stories to life. This new technology features a breakthrough in featuring products and services which is the reason major brands have already started using Hyperlapse as soon as it was available in the app store. Immediately, everyone started talking about what does it mean and why it generated such a buzz. It definitely sparked an interest in Degordian video, design and content departments about how brands could use this new technology to their advantage.

1. Simplify and showcase

Due to its low cost, technology used in the Hyperlapse app will certainly change our perception of video production. So far, to create a video of this kind, you needed a creative concept and fancy production. Now,  with innovative use of gyroscopes in iPhone devices, Hyperlapse enables you to create cool and complex time-lapse  videos right on your mobile device.  This development of new technology is especially convenient for small brands that will now be able to display their product or service in an effective way without the use of professional equipment such as Steadicam or dolly cam, which has been essential for this type of video production before Hyperlapse. Ivan Radović, Motion Graphic Designer

2. Experiment and create

Instagram’s Hyperlapse tool will allow brands to implement original ideas almost instantly without much subsequent delay in production. The focus will shift more to creativity of brands and this will lead to experimental solutions that distort the function of Hyperlapse technology. The great benefit that comes with this is that brands can show users the full process of creating a product. It’s very easy to demonstrate the development and behind-the-scenes footage of making specific solutions through their different phases and their final presentation. Hyperlapse as a technique, if cleverly used, could easily become a new form of expression in product presentation. Marko Cvijetić, Digital Designer

3. Entertain and engage

Major brands have already jumped on the Hyperlapse trend, such as Mercedes-Benz and Taco Bell, and are trying to show engaging content before everyone starts hyperlapsing their pets, morning coffee-brewing rituals or bday clips. Globally Hyperlapse is already a hit – in the first 24 hours there have been reportedly more than 40,000 hyperlapse hashtags on Instagram, but local brands haven’t tried anything yet. This is a great opportunity for local brands to tell stories, create interesting engaging content without spending a lot of your marketing budget on equipment, but concentrating on the concept, creativity and fresh new ideas that users will value and share within their network. Brands that want to delight, surprise or attract more buzz should try to utilize this as soon as possible. Verica Katić, Content Strategist

4. Promote and reach customers

Hyperlapse enables brands to connect with customers more easily through first-hand insight into the experience that they offer and reach those in their target audience who are usually hard to convince, i.e. the laggards. This will differentiate them from their competitors,  allow them to reach a larger audience quickly and increase brand awareness through user generated content, that is now at the fingertips of every smartphone owner. It is a revolution in customer experience presentation. Ivan Tušek, Account Manager

We already tried the app yesterday in our own office and were fascinated with cool end-results. :)

It makes us curious (pun intended) how the Hyperlapse situation will evolve – will the Hyperlapse introduce new creative ways in brand presentation and will the small brands recognize the importance of easy access to this innovative technology in their promotion. There’s no doubt that major players across industries will push the boundaries of this new technique in their advertising efforts. We’ll make our best to contribute to the trend with our own clients.


Creative Team

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