2014 – The next big adventure

Daniel Ackermann


Everything we’ve done so far was only an introduction to one great story.

Are you ready for iSTUDIO’s next chapter? Read below about our plans for 2014.

The excellent Brandoctor team helped us with one of the biggest projects in the last four years – rebranding. We decided to take this step because today we have more than 50 employees, four companies, clients from all over the world and to all segments we must approach even more serious. When we founded our company, our first office was in our living room and we dreamed about a firm that might one day have 10 employees. Our dream came true. Today we are much bigger and we’re still growing. Unfortunately, iSTUDIO as name doesn’t meet the criteria for ourselves. The first problem is that we don’t have the .com domain, and the second is that there are so many companies (even digital agency) in the world with the same name. We are currently intensively working on a strategy, name and visual identity. We are slowly coming to the final stage. Everything will be ready soon! In upcoming blog posts we’ll write how the process looked like so stay tuned.

International expansion will be our main focus after rebranding. We are currently in the final stage of preparations for the next office that will be the biggest investment so far. In the same time, we are working on opening of other international offices. Our plan is to open one office every six months, we’ll see whether we’ll succeed doing it or not. :) In 2014, in addition to the international expansion, we plan to introduce new services that we believe will be an excellent complement to the current ones.

With new offices and expansion, we are naturally generating new work positions. And by that we don’t mean only in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, but also in new markets where we will come. Some expectations are that at the end of 2014 we’ll have around 30 new members of our iSTUDIO family.

2014 is going to be a huge year and we are really looking forward to it. We believe that we are several steps closer to achieving our goal – becoming a global digital agency.

Now you know our plans. But wait, it’s just the beginning. We are preparing a lot of new projects, new work positions and other great things. Follow us because here you will have the opportunity to be updated with all news from the first hand.


Daniel Ackermann


Performance oriented CEO with a strong sense for numbers and statistics, especially when it comes to measuring his employees' level of satisfaction. Loves spicy food and believes in lifelong learning.

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