2014 Degordian’s year in review

Daniel Ackermann


For Degordian, 2014 was a very important year. A year of big changes and growth. We are very proud of our achievements and are looking forward to 2015 and new challenges.

Key milestones

When we take a look at 2014, our biggest milestone by far was the rebrandingiSTUDIO became Degordian! This was an excellent opportunity to create a brand perception that we wanted so the decision to go through with it was a no-brainer.
With the new name, came the new website that was recognized worldwide and awarded with the most prestigious international awards among which is the Awwwards Site of the Day.
Design team’s excellent work put the Degordian website in the top 100 best works of all time on Behance! Inspired with the success, we expanded our RS and BiH offices with more designers and the entire team reached 13 people.

During the year we completed our transformation from a social media agency into a full service digital agency. We created expert in-house teams for every aspect of digital, from strategy, analytics and digital advertising to development, design, UX and content production, while at the same time still managing all of the social media channels for our clients.
Compared to the previous year, revenues from our non social media services grew by 71,32%.

We opened our first Western European office in Vienna with Karl Macku in charge, and it is already recording great results. Meanwhile, our office in BiH celebrated its 3rd year and our Serbian office its 2nd year anniversary!

Starting a Content & Copy department proved to be a great decision! The team quickly achieved great results and expanded by merging with the Community Management team. In 2014 our Traffic team acquired six YouTube video advertising individual certifications, and they also started offering SEO (search engine optimization) service to the clients.

Mediatoolkit launched a new media monitoring tool and an Android App (1600 DL, 4,62 rating). At the moment, they have 7 198 users tracking 72 195 keywords from 10 085 597 sources. :)
Since we started working on a media monitoring tool we had an average monthly revenue growth of 94,54%, which enabled us to expand our team with 6 new people.

We also launched a new Socialpuzzle 2.0., with new Admin interface flow, app templates and visual identity that led to having 50% more users! Socialpuzzle’s most popular app ‘Runner Game‘ attracted the attention of more than 12 thousand users who played more than 228 thousand games, while Instatab and Twittab enabled brands to promote their other channels on Facebook.

Degordian products in 2014.

We proceeded with our company strategy to be the best workplace, so our Human Resources team increased to 3 members. Although it’s a big number for an agency, we believe it is one of the most important pillars of the company because we want to offer the best working atmosphere for our employees.
For the second year in a row, Degordian is placed among the best employers in Croatia, and in addition to that, we have been selected as a National champion on European Business Awards in the ‘Employer of the Year‘ category. You can watch our promotional video and vote for us here!

Human resources in 2014.

We continued to invest in students by organizing Sponge – a four week long workshop in which 30 selected participants had a task to solve 19 development-based quests. We awarded the best participant with a yearly scholarship, while three other participants that also proved themselves, came to our Development team as interns.

To share our knowledge, we organised Degordian Academy, a series of free lectures for our clients and partners. We also recognized the importance of free educational webinars as a great way of sharing our expertise and raising awareness about all of the possibilities that digital marketing has to offer.

We also organised a new Startupin24h! A 24 hour showcase of teamwork, great atmosphere, learning and exploring new possibilities. This year, we created a web analytics tool, Octalytics, that connects offline sales to online marketing efforts

Degordian projects in 2014.

Our clients list got a few strong names like Ožujsko, SEB groups, Avon, PharmaS, Jamnica, Maistra, Bosch, Croatia Airlines, Dukat, Jagermaister, Lego Duplo, Eufor, Njuškalo, RTL, Croatia osiguranje, IDG Global Solutions, Sarajevski Kiseljak, Heineken CEE, Jata Emona, MyTrendyPhone, European Comission and Zagrebačka Banka.

Key end-year figures

We employed 39 people in 2014, and we are currently counting 105 employees overall (FTE: 81). Every department at Degordian started working with student groups, organizations and colleges by sharing knowledge, and our continuous investment in the internship program allowed us to employ 48 interns of which some will probably get hired after graduation!
Throughout the year we held more than 100 educations and lectures about digital marketing and our work.

Our overall revenue increased by 43,41%, and our exports are constantly increasing. Compared to the 2013 they grew by 46,33%.

Plans for the next year

Our plan for 2015 is to focus more on digital strategies and product business development. By extending our portfolio with new products, we’ll be able to offer our clients a wider set of services, which will in turn lead to the increase of sales and marketing teams in Croatia as well as in other countries. When talking about other countries, we are planning to focus even more on western markets by opening new offices (most likely in the UK) and developing cooperation with western clients. We are also planning to integrate a much better support for our Austrian office in the Dach region.

We’re nearing the end of our investment, but we also so a lot of potential for further growth and expansion, so there is a possibility that we’ll begin looking for a new investment that will help us to achieve an even faster growth. To help us direct agency development, we plan on bringing more senior employees whose experience will help us achieve that.

We are looking forward to the 2015. It will be an important year and, I hope, even more successful!


Daniel Ackermann


Performance oriented CEO with a strong sense for numbers and statistics, especially when it comes to measuring his employees' level of satisfaction. Loves spicy food and believes in lifelong learning.

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