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Innovation and solution based technology.
01 Latest technology

In our day work we use latest technologies such as PHP - Yii, C++, Java, Bash, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, less, sass, bootstrap, MySql, MongoDb , Redis, Memcache and APC. For fun we like to play with new stuff like rocksDB, Quintus, boilerpipe and anything else that looks interesting.

02 Responsive design

The world is going multi-device and we are fully aware of it. This is why we work extra hard on developing easy to use applications for every platform.

03 Complex backend solutions

Data aggregation, mining and analysis, custom filtering and reinterpretation, we have it all. Our systems generate, analyze, integrate and filter gigabytes of data each day to provide us with insight and specific information about your users and the web in general, making design and architectural decisions easy to choose and implement.

Areas of expertise

  • Web solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Performance analysis
  • Mobile & tablet solutions
  • Remote data retrieval and reinterpretation
  • Facebook applications
  • Advanced social api implementations
  • Data strategy
  • Best practices analysis
We pride ourselves on using flexible, innovative, elegant solutions that we have tested and improved through the years.
Tony Mrakovčić Lead Developer
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