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Quick Typing Contest


About the client

Dell Inc. is a multinational computer technology company based in United States, one of the largest technological corporations in the world. Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams.

Game concept

We designed a game in which users are assigned words which they try to type out as quickly and correctly as they can in the hope of winning a prize. The more successful a user was in typing, the more points he received.

Type and
be quick about it

Buy some extra time
by inviting your friends

Achieve top score
and win special prizes


Every great concept needs to be supported with a perfectly aligned layout, clear hierarchy, care for typography and colors.

Straighten them up

It’s always nice to see your friends
aligned in a perfect grid.

Colors & typography

Bright colors and distinct typography are key ingredients for a simple and intuitive layout.

Scoring and user management

To ensure a better score contrast amongst our players, as well as to attract and include new players we brought in some extra elements.

Game levels

The game consisted of 7 levels of difficulty. Every level introduced less playing time and accordingly, required more skill and speed from the player. Only the players who successfully completed the 7 levels were able to be in the running for winning a prize.

Game levels
Word diversity

Word diversity

In an effort to make our game more fun and challenging, words were scored by difficulty which in this case means number of syllables. Words with the highest count of syllables were worth 30 points, and those with the lowest count of syllables 10 points.

Getting ahead with extra time

To try and motivate users into playing with their friends, we provided an option of getting some extra playing time. Users who invited their friends to participate in the game received extra seconds for typing.

Extra time
Invite friends

Fun fact

In only three weeks, our users proved to be lean mean typing machines, typing in altogether.

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