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Office Assistant

Open until: April 25, 2021 Zagreb

If you like collaborating with others, helping out coworkers and consider yourself a highly motivated, open and friendly person wanting to grow in the field of office management, then read on, because we might just have a job for you.

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About the team and the job

Degordian is an always curious strategic-creative digital agency. 

We are five-time recipients of the “Best Employer” award given in the annual employee satisfaction survey by MojPosao, and now we’re looking for someone to join the work culture we’re so proud of!

Our Zagreb office consists of over 50 curious and hardworking marketing enthusiasts. 

Most of our employees are currently working from home and will continue like this until the coronavirus situation is over, but our Office Management team works on-site, from the office.

We’re looking for a newcomer to our Office Management team, now consisting of two people. Both of them are looking forward to having a new, motivated teammate with whom they can learn, grow and work on solving daily administrative and office tasks in the agency. The mission of the team is to provide support to other employees with everything revolving around office/administrative issues, and to make our joint office space as comfortable as it can be!

We’re looking for an open, friendly person comfortable with meeting new people and communicating with them as part of their usual work day. Someone who thrives in a dynamic environment, prefers multitasking and is not afraid of new responsibilities. It’s important that the person knows how to handle new and unpredictable situations, doesn’t mind asking for help when needed, and can manage and carry out tasks for others if they’re essential for the better functioning of our office. If you can work on a 9 to 5 schedule and this sounds tempting, read on!

Your qualifications

  • SSS (preferably in a Secondary School of Economics)
  • Excellent knowledge of Croatian language, both written and spoken (C2 level)
  • Good knowledge of English language, both written and spoken (B2 level)
  • Some experience on similar positions or similar jobs that involve working directly with people
  • Good knowledge and experience with Google Drive (Sheets, Forms, Docs)
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Willingness to help and support colleagues
  • Desire to grow in the field of office management/administration

Bonus points

  • Driving licence
  • Experience working in a dynamic environment

Your day-to-day

  • Meeting clients at our front desk and providing refreshments during meetings
  • Front desk work: answering phone calls, receiving and sending mail or deliveries
  • Monitoring the tidiness of meeting rooms, the front desk and other shared rooms
  • Receiving employee payments for food delivery, receiving food deliveries and paying from our joint budget system
  • Keeping track of office keys, book orders and similar things
  • Correspondence with the building manager, cleaning services and others involved in office maintenance (e.g. technicians or repair services)
  • Supplying groceries, toiletries, office material and everything else needed for the office on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Correspondence with our telecom provider regarding services and equipment for employees
  • Supplying, repairing and keeping record of employee equipment; doing periodical inventory
  • Scanning, archiving and drawing up certain contracts
  • Preparing incoming invoices for accounting, keeping records and archiving invoices
  • Filling out, preparing and archiving documents for employees and institutions
  • Calculating student fees, communicating with them and the student centre
  • Calculating and keeping records of employee working hours, vacation and sick leave dates 
  • Organizing company trips
  • Monitoring company vehicles – documentation, records, maintenance, etc.
  • Organizing various insurances and communicating with insurance companies
  • Supporting and assisting in the organization of company events
  • Keeping records of Multisport users and their internal coordination
  • Assisting employees with printers, company stamps, coffee machines, etc.
  • Helping and supporting other members of the Office Management team

What we offer

Mac computer
Passionate, positive and ambitious team
Career development talks
Internal and external educations
Learning & research materials
Company events
Pet-friendly office
Active club

Apply with

  • CV
  • Motivational letter – tell us your answer to two questions:

Why would you like to be a member of our team?, What’s your motivation for working as an Office Assistant?

  • Your assignment – imagine the following situations and describe how you would handle them.

1. You, representing Degordian, are sending an email to a travel agency regarding already bought plane tickets. You need to explain that we bought return plane tickets for 5 people to Kuwait through the agency. The departure date is October 9th, 2021, and the return date is October 16th, 2021. One of the tickets needs to have a flexible return option, and one of the tickets needs to have the name of passenger changed. Give an example of how you would write that email in English and deliver all necessary information.

2. All of a sudden, the power went off in the office. Write a short formal email to the building management explaining that there’s been a malfunction and we need their intervention. In another, non-formal email, explain the situation to your colleagues so they know that things are handled and they don’t have any reason to worry. These two emails should be in Croatian.

Applications should be submitted in Croatian and/or English.

Good luck! 🙂 

Office Assistant : Open until: April 25, 2021 Zagreb Office

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