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Because we love what we do

No cure for our curiosity

We carry a passion for performance marketing and have a knack for untangling even the toughest of knots.

We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable.

Taking on thought-provoking projects that challenge us creatively and make us go the extra mile is what we consider a way of life.

We are relentless in moving boundaries and carry out this spirited attitude into digital solutions. Digital solutions that engage, inspire and make you think. Make you curious.

Question, listen, learn and innovate.

Meet our team

The people behind Degordian

Daniel Ackermann CEO
Daniel Ackermann
Tomislav GrubiÅ”ić CEO
Tomislav GrubiÅ”ić
Hrvoje GrubiÅ”ić Lead Designer
Hrvoje GrubiÅ”ić
Tony Mrakovčić Lead Developer
Tony Mrakovčić
Petra Ignjatović Marketing & PR Manager
Petra Ignjatović
Petra Murgić Human Resources Associate
Petra Murgić
Ivo Novak Director of Digital Marketing Services
Ivo Novak
Mario Å estak Interactive Art Director
Mario Å estak
Ana Ćuro Rukavina Human Resources Manager
Ana Ćuro Rukavina
Ivona Jurilj Country Manager
Ivona Jurilj
Marin Brekalo Digital Designer
Marin Brekalo
Hrvoje Pilić Head of Digital Advertising
Hrvoje Pilić
Ivana Trogrlić Office Manager
Ivana Trogrlić
Ivan TuŔek Head of Content & Creative Strategy
Ivan TuŔek
Boris Zatezalo Account Director
Boris Zatezalo
Igor GrmuŔa Country Manager
Igor GrmuŔa
Ivan Brozović Strategic Partnerships Director
Ivan Brozović
Gabriela BarÅ”ić Accountant
Gabriela BarÅ”ić
Dorian Derežić Copywriter
Dorian Derežić
Zoran ZavrŔki Lead Front-end Developer
Zoran ZavrŔki
Rudolf JuriÅ”ić Senior Software Developer
Rudolf JuriÅ”ić
Kristijan Vukobrat Project Manager
Kristijan Vukobrat
Barbara Bokulić Copywriter
Barbara Bokulić
Ivan Mandić Digital Advertising Manager
Ivan Mandić
Branka Đurić Account Director
Branka Đurić
Ivan Radović Video Content Creator
Ivan Radović
Slaven Vincetić Lead Project Manager
Slaven Vincetić
Iva Majstorović Project Manager
Iva Majstorović
Nino Mihovilić Software Developer
Nino Mihovilić
Tomislav Smrečki Android Developer
Tomislav Smrečki
Mario Šimić Digital Designer
Mario Šimić
Aleksandra Pijuko Human Resources Specialist
Aleksandra Pijuko
Viktor Crnogorac Strategic Partnerships Manager
Viktor Crnogorac
Danijela BoŔnjak Account Manager
Danijela BoŔnjak
Mladen Geng Project Manager
Mladen Geng
Nikola Dudek Account Executive
Nikola Dudek
Ivana Honomihl Project Manager
Ivana Honomihl
Lucija Potočnik Social Media Manager
Lucija Potočnik
Dijana Dretar Social Media Manager
Dijana Dretar
Karlo Videk Senior Front-end Developer
Karlo Videk
Tamara Vasiljević Account Executive
Tamara Vasiljević
Marina Pavlović Social Media Manager
Marina Pavlović
Bruno Zorić Senior Software Developer
Bruno Zorić
Vilim Stubičan Software Developer
Vilim Stubičan
Marko Kruljac Software Developer In Test
Marko Kruljac
Igor Bumba Senior Front-end Developer
Igor Bumba
Ljubica Soldo Account Assistant
Ljubica Soldo
Igor Lazarević Head of Digital Advertising
Igor Lazarević
Kristina Oćićek Social Media Manager
Kristina Oćićek
Tomislav Fabeta Software Developer
Tomislav Fabeta
Jaka Gačić Junior Software Developer
Jaka Gačić
Ivan Lesar Software Developer
Ivan Lesar
Stefan Veljković Software Developer
Stefan Veljković
Filip Fajdetić iOS Developer
Filip Fajdetić
Mia BuÅ”ić Junior Social Media Manager
Mia BuÅ”ić
Renato Ruk Front-end Developer
Renato Ruk
Matej Brnardić Creative Strategist
Matej Brnardić
Goran Mlinarić Project Manager
Goran Mlinarić
Dženita Džindo Project Manager
Dženita Džindo
Marija Å epac Junior Digital Advertising Manager
Marija Å epac
Ivana Knežević Social Media Manager
Ivana Knežević
Ana Ćosić Office Assistant
Ana Ćosić
Martina Å estak Strategic Partnerships Assistant
Martina Å estak
Ana Penjović Junior Digital Advertising Manager
Ana Penjović
Maja Jovanović Account Executive
Maja Jovanović
Leonard Vujanić Software Developer
Leonard Vujanić
Sanja Gumhalter Strategic Partnerships Executive
Sanja Gumhalter
Jelena Cestarić AndraÅ”ević Marketing Designer
Jelena Cestarić AndraÅ”ević
Strahinja Marković Head of Design
Strahinja Marković
Ivona Miljko Account Assistant
Ivona Miljko
Denis Devčić Web Analytics & Optimization Intern
Denis Devčić
Ana Sakač Digital Designer
Ana Sakač
Marko Bogdanović Junior Social Media Manager
Marko Bogdanović
Maja Nožica Head of Finance and Office Management
Maja Nožica
Marko Pačar Head of Web Analytics & Optimization
Marko Pačar
Boris Ralić Marketing Design Intern
Boris Ralić
Martina BariÅ”ić Account Assistant
Martina BariÅ”ić
Ivan Josipović Community Management Intern
Ivan Josipović
Ana Jovičić Junior Social Media Manager
Ana Jovičić
Ivan Anić Android Development Intern
Ivan Anić
Pave Å turman Junior Digital Advertising Manager
Pave Å turman
Luka Beljan Junior Social Media Manager
Luka Beljan
Dunja Vasić Junior Copywriter
Dunja Vasić
Elma Balalić Junior Social Media Manager
Elma Balalić
Petar Kostić Junior Software Developer
Petar Kostić
Marko Basta Digital Advertising Manager
Marko Basta
Ana Perić Marketing Design Intern
Ana Perić
Ana Marija Malić Head of Social Media Marketing
Ana Marija Malić
Filip Vuković Community Management Intern
Filip Vuković
Dunja Hafner Account Executive
Dunja Hafner
Darko PaÅ”alić Strategic Partnerships Intern
Darko PaÅ”alić
Jelena Rebrnjak Junior Digital Designer
Jelena Rebrnjak
Irena Dautović Account Executive
Irena Dautović
Tomislav Jezidžić Front-end Development Intern
Tomislav Jezidžić
Domagoj Svjetličić Junior Front-end Developer
Domagoj Svjetličić
Anja Alić Community Management Intern
Anja Alić
Ivana ViÅ”njić Community Management Intern
Ivana ViÅ”njić
Marin BariÅ”ić Junior Project Manager
Marin BariÅ”ić
Ivona Crnac Project Management Intern
Ivona Crnac
Elena Crnković Digital Designer
Elena Crnković
Jelena Herceg Junior Front-end Developer
Jelena Herceg
Ana Salapura Account Management Intern
Ana Salapura
Jelena Pjevač Office Assistant
Jelena Pjevač
Katarina Živković Marketing Design Intern
Katarina Živković
Marijana Leventić Digital Design Intern
Marijana Leventić
Irena Omejic Community Management Intern
Irena Omejic
Ana Rumenović Junior Digital Designer
Ana Rumenović
Dejan Babić Front-end Developer
Dejan Babić
Zrinka Vukojević Finance Assistant
Zrinka Vukojević
Jan Minarik Digital Advertising Intern
Jan Minarik
Anto Petričević Community Management Intern
Anto Petričević
Amadea Skračić Community Management Intern
Amadea Skračić
Filip Vujić Community Management Intern
Filip Vujić
Stefani Bujanović Community Management Intern
Stefani Bujanović
Dino Sladić Junior Video Content Creator
Dino Sladić
Ana Žužić Marketing Design Intern
Ana Žužić
Lina Vidulin Marketing Design Intern
Lina Vidulin
Luka Bubalo Software Development Intern
Luka Bubalo
Vanja Žunić Software Testing Intern
Vanja Žunić
Bruno Dodig Account Manager
Bruno Dodig
Dejan Popović Junior Front-end Developer
Dejan Popović
Ivan Brkić Junior IT Administrator
Ivan Brkić
Josip Mileta Digital Advertising Intern
Josip Mileta
Sabina Softić Digital Advertising Intern
Sabina Softić
Ana Cvijić Project Manager
Ana Cvijić
Marko Mitrović Community Management Intern
Marko Mitrović
Jelisaveta Vakanjac Community Management Intern
Jelisaveta Vakanjac
Tijana Kostić Community Management Intern
Tijana Kostić
Doroteja Rokvić Community Management Intern
Doroteja  Rokvić
Katarina Jerinić Community Management Intern
Katarina Jerinić
Tesa Vukobrat Community Management Intern
Tesa Vukobrat
Lucian Lekaj Community Management Intern
Lucian Lekaj
Lea Metličić Community Management Intern
Lea Metličić
Dora Medić Community Management Intern
Dora Medić
Blanka Orhanović Community Management Intern
Blanka Orhanović
Lea Klečak Community Management Intern
Lea Klečak
Tanja Đorđević Social Media Manager
Tanja Đorđević
Tamara MiliŔa iOS Development Intern
Tamara MiliŔa
Ivona Tenji Junior Marketing Designer
Ivona Tenji
Lucija Priljević Account Management Intern
Lucija Priljević
Boris Barić Web Analytics & Optimization Manager
Boris Barić
Nemanja Josifljević Head of Social Media Marketing
Nemanja Josifljević
Stefana Jelesić Digital Advertising Intern
Stefana Jelesić
Selena Radović Digital Advertising Intern
Selena Radović
Andrija Dvorski Software Development Intern
Andrija Dvorski
Nikola MiÅ”ić Software Developer
Nikola MiÅ”ić
Matija Komesar Software Development Intern
Matija Komesar
Kristina Ilić Junior Social Media Manager
Kristina Ilić
Monika Pehar Junior Social Media Manager
Monika Pehar
Tomo Å ala Software Developer
Tomo Å ala
Filip Lacković Junior Software Developer
Filip Lacković
Ivana Kurtović Human Resources Intern
Ivana Kurtović
Nikola Grozdanović Software Development Intern
Nikola Grozdanović
Tena Marčac Office Management Intern
Tena Marčac
Marija Vujović Human Resources Assistant
Marija Vujović
  • Daniel Ackerman
    From first brand contact to end purchase- our vision is to optimize the entire journey. Daniel Ackermann
  • Tomislav GrubiÅ”ić
    Our ambition is to create smart campaigns which trigger peopleĀ“s curiosity. Tomislav GrubiÅ”ić
  • Jure Mikuž
    We try to provide only the best work conditions to keep our team happy and creative. Jure Mikuž
    Board member

Professional certificates

Investing in education is rewarding enough by itself, but itā€™s nice to be honored for your efforts.

Google recognized our continuous work and approved us as Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google AdWords Certified Partner.

MailChimp followed and put us on its Expert list on account of our exceptional email marketing results.

Degordian About Us

Always find time to play, experiment and explore. It will change the way you think, work and live.

  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
  • Degordian About Us
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