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01 Mediatoolkit

Mediatoolkit is a set of award winning tools that browse the web in real time and deliver only the best articles, trending news and viral content suited just for you. Using predictive analytics and over one billion editors, it satisfies daily media monitoring, press clipping and content discovery needs of business executives and journalists.

02 Mediatoolkit Media Monitoring

A tool that tracks relevant mentions of your brand across the web and social media in real time. It helps you to instantly find out what´s the story around you and who´s telling it.

03 Socialpuzzle

Simple but innovative, user friendly, result driven and fully customizable Facebook apps for small businesses and agencies. Socialpuzzle provides a unique way to personalize your Facebook contests and their visual style without any coding or technical knowledge. With real time analytics it helps you measure the progress of your every Facebook campaign in a simple and effective way.

Our products reflect our vision of turning creative ideas into solutions that make people´s lives and jobs easier. We continuously grow, develop and improve them to best fit our users´s needs.
Ivor Bihar Product manager
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